Friday, January 22, 2021
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Name: Emanuele Triggiano
Position: Superintendent of Schools

I am extremely proud of this district and believe that we are providing our students with one of the finest learning experiences being offered today. Our goal is to encourage each student to achieve at his or her full potential in an academically challenging and emotionally nurturing environment.

We have experienced teachers dedicated to the well being of each and every student. They are conscientious, enthusiastic, and highly motivated. Our major focus is on building self-esteem; promoting a positive attitude in all areas of the curriculum; improving critical thinking skills; establishing a greater appreciation for learning; creating an environment conducive to the sharing of ideas; and working cooperatively.  Educational programs are designed to enhance participation, generate student interest, provide for individual differences, and encourage the use of technology.

Teachers continue to be trained in the areas of language arts, science, social studies, mathematics, and technology developing strategies and activities used across the curriculum at all grade levels.  Each year the staff participates in a wide range of workshops and conferences including: Differentiated Instruction, Balanced Literacy, inclusion, RTI, Sheltered English Instruction, Google Classroom, HIB, Family Math and Science, Guided Reading, computer literacy, STEM, use of the Internet, SmartBoards, state assessments, and collaborative teaching.

Students are provided with the latest technology and our staff continues to be trained on the effective use of equipment and software made available for classroom instruction. A number of activities designed to develop Internet skills are integrated into the curriculum.  Elementary students are instructed in word processing, research tools, Internet safety, and basic computer maintenance. 

Our High School sports facilities include a state of the art turf field, new bleachers and press box. We have recently added magnificent new gyms and maintain state of the art district media centers across the district. Our school nurses schedule several important programs focusing on: fire prevention, healthy diets, home emergencies, bullying, dental care, and bicycle safety. We have an excellent Art program, which frequently exhibits students' work throughout the year.  The basic math and reading programs are supported by well-trained basic skills teachers who utilize effective educational strategies and techniques, which focus directly on the needs of our students.

We have been recognized and were honored with a “Best Practices” award by the State Department of Education. For three consecutive NJQSAC state monitoring reviews, we have been recognized by the state as a High Performing District with scores well above the required minimum standard in all areas of the review. Several building visits supported our facility and curriculum responses.

The district is committed to a strong teacher evaluation system and continues to investigate and develop strategies designed to ensure that our students meet the progress targets established by the state.

An important contribution toward the success of our schools is the involvement of our parents. The PTO/PTA’s on the elementary level are extremely active, and the parents at Dumont High School serve on several different organizations ranging from Athletic and Music Boosters to Project Graduation. Our Board of Education is committed to providing a quality education while remaining sensitive to the economic needs of the community.

In conclusion, we are fortunate to have a staff that is extremely dedicated to their profession and work tirelessly toward meeting the needs of their students and the district.

“It gives me tremendous pride to serve as the educational leader of such a fine district.”

Emanuele L. Triggiano

Dumont Superintendent of Schools



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