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The State of New Jersey requires that all high school students complete a minimum of 120 credits for a diploma.  The state credit requirements can be opened here.

Dumont Public Schools requires that all students earn a minimum of 130 credits for a diploma. Specifically, we mandate:

  • 20 credits of Language Arts    
  • 20 credits of Physical Education (includes Health) for each year of enrollment 
  • 18 credits of Science (includes Biology and two other laboratory sciences)
  • 15 credits of Mathematics (includes Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II or equivalent) 
  • 15 credits of Social Studies (includes World History and United States History) 
  • 10 credits of World Languages
  • 5 credits of Visual and Performing Arts
  • 5 credits of 21st Century Life and Careers, or Career-Technical Education 
  • 2.5 credits of Personal Finance or College, Careers, and Finance
  • 19.5 credits of any courses in any area

The Dumont Board of Education has adopted a policy for high school graduation, which mandates that all students satisfy all curriculum requirements described above, and that every student must complete them in order to receive a diploma or take part in a commencement ceremony.

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