Friday, November 15, 2019
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From the Office of
Richard Gronda, Principal

Located in the northeast section of Dumont, Grant School has been serving the needs of our elementary school children for 100 years. Despite its age, the school building itself is solid and enduring, like the quality of instruction that takes place within its walls. We have 383 students currently enrolled in our K-5 program, and we are proud to maintain an average class size of just over 20 students.

Grant School is a student-centered place for learning. Our teachers are known throughout the community for their love of children and for their willingness to provide extra time before or after school to help students develop essential skills. We are supported in countless ways by the Grant School Parent Teachers Organization, a group of parents and teachers working together to keep children first. The PTO provides regular parental support for classroom activities and arranges special programs for students and parents.

With respect to our curriculum, our exemplary language arts program is anchored by balanced literacy. The staff has been trained to conduct reading assessments and match each student with the most appropriate books. We utilize Writer's Workshop to guide our writing instruction. Our math, social studies and science curricula are all guided by the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. Moreover, students in all grades have begun to learn Spanish, our first foreign language.

Teachers constantly differentiate instruction to meet the diverse learning needs of our students. To that end, high quality teacher training contributes to the quality of instruction at Grant School. Thanks to the district's staff development program, our teachers continue to expand their own knowledge and skills, which in turn contributes to student learning.

Beyond the classroom, we are proud of the extracurricular programs which provide opportunities for positive student activism. Our student government, safety patrol and peer mediation programs, for example, engage in numerous services to benefit the school and the greater community. These and other outlets encourage students to become informed and caring young citizens of New Jersey.

We believe that our mascot, the owl, symbol of wisdom, is the perfect icon for Grant School, “Where everyone teaches and everyone learns.”

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