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From the Office of Lincoln School Principal, Luis Lopez

We are extremely proud of the quality of the education being offered at Lincoln School. Our staff is conscientious, enthusiastic, and highly motivated. We provide students with experiences, which concentrate on building self-esteem; promote a positive attitude in all areas of the curriculum; improve thinking skills; establish a greater appreciation for learning; and create an environment conducive to the sharing of ideas and working cooperatively. Our programs are designed to enhance participation, generate student interest, provide for individual differences, and encourage the use of manipulatives.

Teachers continue to be trained in the areas of technology, reading, writing, and mathematics developing strategies and activities used across the curriculum and at all grade levels. Each year the staff participates in a wide range of workshops and conferences including: Differentiated Instruction, phonemic awareness, Balanced Literacy, inclusion, Family Math and Science, Guided Reading, computer literacy, the Internet, curriculum standards, the writing process, testing, and collaborative teaching.

The school librarian utilizes several activities, which provide students with an excellent learning experience involving the Internet. Fifth graders are instructed in word processing, the use of Internet research tools, and basic computer maintenance. Our school nurse schedules several important programs focusing on: fire prevention, healthy diets, home emergencies, dental care and bicycle safety. In addition, she supervises our Safety Patrol and our Student Government. We have and excellent Art program which exhibits students' work throughout the year and extremely high participation in our Band and Chorus. The basic math and reading programs are supported by excellent basic skills teachers utilizing sound strategies and techniques.

Lincoln School celebrates a Cultural Awareness Day, providing students with an opportunity to expand their knowledge of various cultures represented in our school, the community, and around the world. We also share a most rewarding Senior Citizens Day by having grandparents, guardians, and friends join us for breakfast, classroom visitations, and an original assembly program. As a part of my "Teach the Principal Program," I am invited into classrooms to observe, participate and learn from students at all grade levels.

In cooperation with the PTO, we plan programs for parents and students throughout the year which include: High Touch High Tech (a hands on Science program for the entire student body); Cultural Awareness Day; Book Fairs; Breakfast with Santa; Senior Citizens Day; pre-school Story Hour; a Family Picnic; Bowling Night; Market Day; and our Lincoln Day Breakfast.

In conclusion, we are fortunate to have an extremely dedicated staff who enjoys their profession and work tirelessly toward meeting the needs of their students and the district.

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