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Memorial Day Message
Posted On: 2/6/2014
Memorial Day Message

Since the events of September 11, our recent war in Iraq, the constant threats to our Nation, and now COVID-19, Americans have gained a new appreciation and also developed a new anxiety surrounding our personal freedoms. 

            Memorial Day continues to provide us with an opportunity to remember our war veterans, disabled citizens, first responders, health care professionals, friends, and relatives whose sacrifices should be held dear to our hearts, and forever in our thoughts.  For without our brave veterans, all the volunteers now serving in the armed forces, first responders, and health care professionals, much of what we now take for granted would be nothing more than a dream.  It is also a time, for us to support our men and women stationed around the world, in their efforts to secure our future and preserve human rights for all people.  We are extremely fortunate, and have a great deal to be thankful for.

            We’ve had to adjust to a new way of life and make a number of sacrifices to ensure our safe and prosperous future. Photographs, TV programs, and movie theatres can never fully capture the effect these events had on our people or the impact on our present way of life.  What they can do however; is provide us with a reminder that our good fortunes come at a high price.  

            So maybe the next time you either pass a cemetery, a place of worship, or just happen to be in the presence of one of our finest, you might want to pause for a moment and express some form of gratitude, in recognition to those dedicated Americans who have lost their lives to secure our future.

Emanuele Triggiano

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