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Reopening update 083120
Posted On: 8/31/2020

Reopening Update

After numerous meetings with my administrative team, extensive hours of deliberation and careful review of all the requirements and procedures necessary for us to successfully execute our plan as outlined, we are still confronted with a number of concerns and questions about our plan to reopen in a Hybrid format. First, it has been determined that not all of the PPE (personal protective equipment) and supplies we feel are needed are in our possession. Secondly, in order for the district to fully implement its Hybrid plan effectively, it is important that the administration, teaching staff and custodial team fully understand and are totally familiar with all the ramifications of such an undertaking. Although the entire education staff has been working tirelessly to meet that goal, it is proving to be a major challenge.

As we begin to reopen our schools to in-person instruction, we plan to observe our procedures in action to provide us with the ability to address some of the basic concerns needed to implement the Hybrid version of the plan in a secure and effective manner. In addition, and just as important, this will allow the staff the time for training and preparation as well as to obtain the understanding needed to deal with the any unforeseen building issues that may surface and to ensure that the procedures developed are achievable.

With that said, we are planning to begin the school year in an All Virtual Format for All Students starting on Tuesday, September 8, with the intent of transitioning to the Hybrid plan on Tuesday, September 22. As was stated several times, be aware that if there is a need to extend this date, due to the lack of PPE or other communications from the County or Governor’s office, that information will be shared as soon as possible. We are taking this step to further secure the safety and well-being of all involved. It should be noted that those students who opted for all virtual instruction will remain virtual for the entire first marking period.

Emanuele Triggiano

Superintendent of Schools

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