Dumont High School Named to Advanced Placement School Honor Roll

The AP School Honor Roll recognizes schools whose AP programs are delivering results and broadening access for students. Schools can earn the Honor Roll recognition annually based on their ability to increase their school’s college-going culture, to provide opportunities for students to earn college credit, and maximizing college readiness. This is the third time that DHS has been recognized in the past five years.

College Board’s Advanced Placement® Program (AP®) enables students to pursue college-level studies—with the opportunity to earn college credit, advanced placement, or both—while still in high school. Through AP courses in 38 subjects, each culminating in a challenging exam, students learn to think critically, construct solid arguments, and see many sides of an issue—skills that prepare them for college and beyond. Taking AP courses demonstrates to college admissions officers that students have sought the most challenging curriculum available to them, and research indicates that students who score a 3 or higher on an AP Exam typically experience greater academic success in college and are more likely to earn a college degree than non-AP students.

During the 2023 school year, Dumont High School had 165 students take at least one AP exam, with an impressive 80% of test takers scoring a three or higher on at least one AP exam. Last year, 351 exams were administered at DHS.

As a district, we are so proud of the accomplishments of our students and continue to celebrate the hard work of our staff who are working to ensure their continued success!

Currently, DHS offers a total of 13 in-person AP Courses. Students are also able to enroll in a variety of other AP courses through the Virtual High School (VHS) and Educere online learning platforms.