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What's New in Technology for Teachers
We all know or heard of Alexa and Siri----now we have Merlyn, the world's first digital assistant designed for teachers!  Merlyn is designed to help teachers navigate all of the technology in their classrooms.  Teachers are given the freedom to teach with Symphony Classroom, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) classroom hub which combines hardware, AI services, and software to support teachers in their classrooms through Merlyn. 
You can talk to Merlyn from anywhere in the classroom and ask for information relating to your lesson.  You can navigate your browser just by asking Merlyn.  For example, "Go to YouTube and search for videos of bumblebees", Tell us about the war in Ukraine," What is the square root of 435?"  
Administrators and Teachers will be participating in a demonstration and possible pilot of Merlyn during the week of May 9.
Mr. Gabriel Granda
Network Coordinator
Mr. Jerry Erszkowicz
Technology Assistant