DHS Honors Senior Sisters at the 2024 Unsung Heroes Student Recognition Ceremony

The students chosen by DHS were Senior sisters Rosemalyn and Rose Phara Toussaint. Dumont’s Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Maria Poidomani, spoke on behalf of Rosemalyn and Rose Phara at the event. Board of Education President, Dr. Jeffrey Pollack was also there to celebrate this special recognition with Rosemalyn and Rose Phara.

Both students arrived to Dumont from Haiti shortly before schools were closed due to the COVID outbreak. Despite operating through a virtual learning platform, these young ladies learned a new language and were introduced to computer technology for the first time, all while adapting to a new culture and country. Described by teachers and their peers as humble, grateful, and respectful, Rosemalyn and Rose Phara are proof that a resilient spirit can overcome even the most challenging circumstances. Both students are excited about the prospect of continuing their educational journey beyond high school.

Congratulations to the DHS 2024 Unsung Heroes!