Registration » Change of Address **Current Dumont Students**

Change of Address **Current Dumont Students**

Change of Address

If you have moved and now have a new mailing address within the school district, you must notify the Registrar immediately. 


In-town address & name changes cannot be done online through PowerSchool.


Please call (201) 338-8933 to make an appointment with your new proof of residency.


You will be required to supply the following documents to prove residency:

I. An original deed, mortgage statement, lease, or property tax bill
: If a lease is used for proof of residency, a Landlord Affidavit and cancelled check or receipt showing payment or rent for a current period and a lease termination date clearly indicated on the agreement are required.

II. FOUR of the following statements showing family name and Dumont address;

1.     Recent Water bill

2.     Recent unemployment claim

3.     Television bill (Cablevision, Verizon, Satellite)

4.     Telephone bill

5.     Recent Electric/Gas bill

6.     V oter’ s Registration Card

7.     Insurance claim/payment or benefit statement

8.     Auto insurance card

9.     Recent Court Order

10.   Current bank statement

11.   Document pertaining to military status and assignment

12.   New Jersey Driver’ s License

13.   New Jersey Non-Driver’ s License Card

14.   Consulate ID Card with Dumont Address

15.   Driver’ s Permit

16.   New Jersey Vehicle Registration showing a Dumont address and family name. If the vehicle is leased and the address displayed is that of the bank, then the vehicle lease invoice showing the Dumont address may be used in addition to the registration.