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Dr. Richard Gronda

Name: Dr. Richard Gronda
Position: Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Supervision

The Dumont Public Schools offer a comprehensive program of academics, athletics, music, co-curricular and extra-curricular offerings for all students. Programs range from a pre-school handicapped and inclusion program and full day kindergarten, to a competitive high school program that offers online coursework, a number of Advanced Placement courses, and an array of unique and challenging courses and electives.


Technology transforms the way students learn; the way we teach and how we communicate with stakeholders. This year we will continue to expand the use of technology both inside the classroom and out. New this year, we will increase the one-to- one laptop program to multiple grades throughout the district; we will unveil a new district website and pilot the integration of social media to better communicate with our families.


As a district we strive to provide our students with the best instructional opportunities, and continually revise and update our curriculum offerings to meet the needs of children in the 21st century. Curriculum revisions and program enhancements are underway and will continue throughout the year. Due to the recent adjustments we made because of the pandemic, some of our goals this year will include a continuation of the implementation of our K-5 elementary math program, research for a new elementary reading program, expanded STEM, STEAM and MakerSpace opportunities, Google Classroom, LinkIt and DRA 3 assessments and online grading.


2021-22 Initiatives include:
Chromebook Expansion
Revised VPA Curriculum
Stakeholder communication enhancements


Our faculty and administrators continue to engage in ongoing professional development to support the changes in our instructional program. This year our teachers will continue to attend variety in-district workshops that provide support in the areas of teaching, learning, and assessment.


We look forward to another productive year!




Rick Gronda, Ed.D.
Director of Curriculum, Instruction, & Supervision